Saturday, April 12, 2008

Make a USB drive a key to boot into XP

For our task, a USB drive of a capacity ofat least 256 MB is required. If we need to include extra utilities, hotfixes, and sevicepacks, then we need at least a 512 MB drive.

Format the drive using "FAT" filesystem.

After having selected “Show hidden files and folders” and deactivating “Hide protected operating system files”, navigate to the root directory on which Windows is located, usually C:\. Copy the boot.ini, ntdlr,and NTDETECT.COM files from that directory to the USB Flash drive. Rename the “boot.ini” in C:\ to “boot.bak”.Windows will not now be able to boot from the hard drive,and the USB drive will be the key to unlocking the computer.Now to check whether your USB drive works or not! Restart your PC and select the USB drive as the First Boot Device in the BIOS.For this test, deactivate the “Quick Boot” and “Show Full Screen Logo” options in order to be able to monitor any BIOS-reported activities. Also, the “USB Legacy Support” and“USB 2.0 Controller” options need to be activated if available. Save your changes and exit the BIOS, and restart.If you encounter a problem booting, look for an option in the BIOS that extends the
response time of the USB drive, for example, the “USB Mass Storage Reset Delay” option found in the AMI-BIOS. Choose the highestvalue and gradually decrease the value until the problem pops up again. This should work, but if the problem persists, check your motherboard manual or visit the Web site of your motherboard’s manufacturer for a BIOS update.


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