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Creating A Windows XP Boot CD With SP2

1. First, create a folder on your hard drive e.g. D:\XPCD. Now, copy the entire contents of existing Windows XP CD to this folder. The Windows XP SP2 executable file is an archive of the Service Pack 2 files, so you can use WinZip and extract SP2 files to another folder say D:\SP2. Now, locate update.exe under D:\SP2. This can be found inside the sub-folder named ‘update’. Go to the DOS command prompt and change your directory to this ‘update’ folder. Run the commandcommand “update where/integrate:"(dir)" “(dir)” is the directory you saved the Windows XP CD files to, ( “D:\XPCD” in ourcase). This will start integrating SP2 into the Windows XP Installation files saved at D:\XPCD. You should get message box confirmation that integration was successful.Now the D:\XPCD folder contains Windows XP installation files with SP2 integrated.

2. Extracting the boot image from the existing Windows XP bootable CD is easy. You need to use software that can do this. Bart’s Boot Image Extractor (BBIE) is a simple but useful utility and isavailable for download from Insert the Windows XP CD into the CD drive, and go to the command prompt and change directory to the folder where BBIE is located. Run “bbie -v (CD drive letter)” e.g. “bbie -v F:”. You should now find a file named
‘image1.bin’ being created in the same folder from where bbie.exe was run. This file is the
Windows XP Boot image.

3. Insert a blank CD-R media into your CD Writer. Use burning software such as Nero to create your boot CD. Go to File >> New, select ‘Boot CD’ and select the boot image file that you created in Step 2. Make sure that emulation is set to ‘No emulation’. The boot segment is automatically filled in by Nero—all you need to do is set the number of loaded sectors to 4. Select Mode1 and ISO Level 2, from under the ISO tab. Enable all options under ‘Relax ISO Restrictions’, and use the ISO 9660 Character set. Under the Label tab, enter the same label name as that of theoriginal CD. To find this, just insert the Windows XP Installation CD into your CD- ROM drive and open Windows Explorer to see the name displayed against your CD drive. Click ‘New’ to open the File Explorer browser. In the file browser, select all the XP Installation files with SP2 integrated (from D:\XPCD in our example) for writing to a new CD. Finally open the CD Write dialog box, and under the ‘Burn’ tab, enable the Finalize CD option. Now, write the compilation to the blank CD-R. You have successfully created a bootable Windows XP installation CD with SP2.


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Thanxxx a lot ... u've given a very simple and effective solution .... thank you. :)


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